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GetMeOnTop Website Usability Testing

Being #1 on Google is very important, retaining GetMeOnTop, the #1 SEO and Web Development Company in NY will assure that you are not only on top of Google, but rank #1 on Google search. But, being #1 on Google does not assure a good user experience. GetMeOnTop is the only SEO Company you need for all of your website usability testing needs.  GetMeOnTop understands all of the priorities that must be handled when it comes to website construction, design, navigation, SEO and web site creation.  GetMeOnTop is prepared to test your website usability with their innovative tools that will determine the successfulness associated with the site user's experience.  In turn, GetMeOnTop is prepared to help you use the usability survey and usability testing information to improve your website so that it proves to offer a flawless experience which equates to more business being generated from your website.

Meeting Website Construction Priorities via Usability Testing

Website usability testing is an imperative part of website development, SEO and construction; the user's experience defines the successfulness of all websites, whether personal or business-related.  GetMeOnTop has a staff of highly trained and knowledgeable experts in the SEO field that are prepared to test your website, to assess the information offering in a website usability survey, and to put that information to use for your benefit.  Via our proprietary software developed in-house and the results provided from our website design testing you will immediately learn what users want when they visit your website. GetMeOnTop SEO and website design team (or your web designer) will make necessary adjustments to your site's layout and design accordingly.  You will also learn to anticipate site user's behaviors on your site, so you can be empowered to construct your website in such a way that it meets the predicted actions of the majority of your website's visitor.

What You Get with GetMeOnTop's Website Usability Testing

GetMeOnTop has unified all of their website usability testing methods to offer you the very best service imaginable.  We utilize our special, innovative (developed in-house) to determine how long it takes users to access the information they seek on your website, to assess the amount of links that must be used for task completion, to determine the navigation potential of your site, determine where on each page they are viewing and more.  Our usability testing involves the use of real people interacting with your website; we assess the user's behavior while interacting with your site using a variety of methods.  We examine the user's perspective and get real feedback on the user's experience; we examine the overall aesthetic quality of your site and whether or not it truly appeals to the user, and we even examine the quality of the content included on your site.  GetMeOnTop's website usability testing is all-inclusive and is designed in such a way that it offers you an inside view of the website user's perspective; we even use top-notch eye-movement testing and tracking to assess what users find the most visual enticing on the pages of your website!

More on the Tracking of User Eye Movements

What can a website user's eye movements reveal about the usability of your website?  GetMeOnTop relies on eye tracking tools that reveal what a user sees first when he or she views any of your website pages.  From the usability survey, we can determine if your most important information is really gaining the attention of the user or if you should rearrange your layout so that your information is better prioritized in a visual sense.  Let's face it; the goal of your website is to entice the user and eye movement tools for tracking user behaviors will give you some solid insight into what information and graphics should be placed in various positions on your website pages.

Live Feedback

Our website usability testing includes live feedback from website users some that include a mixture of novices, some with a bit of experience and others that are thoroughly trained to identify any potential website issues.  You will get honest and forthright feedback on how smoothly your site navigates, on any issues with website uniformity, and the overall impression that your website delivers once viewed.  What's more, GetMeOnTop provides you with insightful advice and tips on how to manage such issues and how to repair any flaws in presentation that might exist.

The Advantages of GetMeOnTop's Website Usability Testing

What are the advantages associated with GetMeOnTop's website usability testing services?  You might be surprised to find that you benefit greatly when relying on such a resource; check out a few of the benefits:

  • When your website is enticing, loaded with rich, informative content, easy to navigate, and simple to use, you will be able to better retain your website visitors.  You will also be able to attract new visitors with greater ease and entice the website spider to rank you on top of Google and other search engines.
  • If you are operating an online business you will find that a highly usable website improves the amount of profits you make through higher sales.
  • When a website user likes the navigation, layout, and content on a website, they are bound to call, click and purchase your goods or services and of course return to your website again and again.
  • When a website user is found of a website that is highly useable, they will recommended by word of mouth to their friends and associates.
  • When you know precisely what the web user wants when he or she uses your site, you can diminish the costs associated with site development as well as advertising.
  • When you are in control of the usability factor associated with your website, you will have less website maintenance and repair issues in the future.
  • When you make improvements on your website based on a website usability survey, it will seem that you and/or your business are intuitive and in touch with the user's needs and desires.  Users will come to appreciate your understanding of what is desirable too.
  • A website that adheres to usability standards presents your online business as professional.  This augments your professional image, and further increases your level of credibility.
  • Websites that adhere to usability standards also adhere to best in class SEO standards and practices, generally rank higher in all of the major search engines like Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and Ask.com.

Color, Content, Design, Navigation: A Unified Professional Presentation

GetMeOnTop's website usability testing will be able to assess your entire website as a unified, cohesive, whole.  Our testing will determine how your color theme works in terms of appeal, how your overall design works in terms of the user experience, and we will assess the successfulness of all website navigation endeavors.  The latter tests will ensure that every website user can get to the information they seek which will further ensure that the user remains on your site longer instead of seeking information elsewhere.  If you want to get your website noticed on the web or you are looking to come out ahead of the game in your business or industry, website usability testing is definitely a service that you require.

Contact the experts at GetMeOnTop and let them show you how your website cannot only rank #1 on Google, but provide a truly enjoyable experience for your users.


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