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SEO Help is here? Dream about being the# 1 Google Company in the search rankings? Contact Get Me On Top today let us develop a customized plan to assure your web site ranks # 1 on Google. It's time to stop dreaming of being on top of search and achieve top rankings now! GetMeOnTop is Google #1 professional SEO SEM and Online Marketing company, 16+ years of Web Development and SEO means that your website will achieve the high website traffic that will add dollars to your bottom line. GetMeOnTop is ranked #1 in Google NY and your business and website can be on top too! GetMeOnTop is considered best in class in terms of SEO, Web Development, and Search Optimization services and is ranked as a Google Engage certified to assist you in "advertising" your website and business Online. GetMeOnTop Professional SEO company services featuring Online exposure are100% verifiable & available to all size companies, from small business to large businesses alike, we service all of the US as well as all over the globe. Now you to can avail yourself of the best Online Marketing SEO & Web Exposure company, located on the prestigious Wall Street in NY.

GetMeOnTop headquarters are on Wall Street in Manhattan NYC above Tiffany's and has offices in Long Island NY, in The Hamptons. GetMeOnTop professional SEO Marketing firm consistently ranks as Google #1 Web Development & Marketing Company NY. Each and every client is provided with a completely customized plan of the best white hat, ethical, SEO, SEM, Social Media Optimization and Online Marketing plan offered anywhere. GetMeOnTop SEO Company has clients in NY area as well as all across the United State and the UK. Online Visibility, the key to being found on Google!

Do you want to be #1 on Google, #1 on Yahoo, #1 on Bing? Now it's possible to have top search ranking in all the search sites! Take just a minute to view GetMeOnTop’s videos, explore our easy to navigate SEO website, and read our hundreds of exclusively 4 and 5 star SEO reviews and testimonials. GetMeOnTop is ready to help you achieve #1in Google and search, we will work tirelessly to assure your web site will rank #1 on Google, your videos rank #1, as well as local search such and assure #1 in Google Places. We will have your website rank top in Google Places pages as well as Local search in all Major Search Results, Utilizing our trademarked professional SEO and powerful search optimization and Online software and exposure techniques. Contact us now!

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Let Google #1 SEO Company assure that your web site is #1 on Google! Tell us about your website and ask your SEO questions below. One of our Professional SEO Experts will get back to you in less than 24 hours, just simply say "Get me on Top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others". For more detailed inquiry and questions, please use our comprehensive SEO contact form.

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Hummingbird, Google's New Algorithm, What's new?

Google has launched a revised and new Search Algorithm, Hummingbird. The Hummingbird Algorithm is supposed to return better search results and replaces the last dramatic update "Caffeine" of the Algorithm that was launched 3 years ago, in 2010. The update rolled out with little fanfare from Google in September 2013.

Over the past few years Google has updated their Algorithm many times, but not to this extend. Previous to the new Algorithm, Hummingbird, Google had many updates, named "Panda" and "Penguin" each subsequently updated many times. Hummingbird utilizes a new engine, though parts of the old are still incorporated.

What are the Differences in Searching/Search Results with Hummingbird?

One of the biggest differences is “Conversational search” (also called "Latent search" or "Abstract Search), as opposed to simple 1. 2. 3 keyword searches, not that different from "Long Tail Keywords" part of the search techniques we have been advising our clients for the last 3 years. Seemingly Apple, Facebook and Google are moving to this type of search.  In the past, SEO Companies have done their best to assure that websites came up on page 1 of search for shorter terms such as "#1 SEO Manhattan", the new Conversational search would be more like "Who is the "#1 SEO Company in Manhattan NY".  Facebook came out last year with it's own search, called "Graph Search", looking to steal marketing dollars form Google. Enter "Apple's Siri", Apple's voice assistant for Mobile Search. Siri and Apple's millions of users uses voice search, again, attempting to take a larger piece of the search pie.

Hummingbird Factors in Obtaining Top Ranking

It is generally agreed that there are over 200 different ranking factors that are part of the Google Algorithm. One of the more popular questions is about Google "PageRank" and if it remains an important factor in obtaining high SERP. The answer appears to be yes, PageRank remains one of these factors of Hummingbird. PageRank works by determining how many quality links to any website page, the hypothesis is that higher the quality (or PageRank) of the referring page, the more important and greater weight the link carries.

The Eternal Question, "Is SEO Dead"?

No, SEO factors and guidance remains mostly the same, with Fresh, New, Pertinent Content still being one of the most important aspects of SEO. In the following weeks and months we will research Hummingbirds effect on Search, making any needed changes or modifications to assure top rankings are achieved and maintained.

David Josephson is the CEO of GetMeOnTop, NY #1 SEO Company

10/10/2013 5:36
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Our impressive customized SEO Software package Web Auto Content Feeder is already #1 on Google, once put in place on your Website begins to work building new pertinent content on your site, automatically. SEO Web Auto Content Feeder automatically starts feeding new, pertinent fresh content on your website on a scheduled and predefined basis. The content can be provided by you or SEO content can be created by our in house team of SEO Copywriters and easily placed via an a dm in. control page. To achieve maximum SEO advantages of this program, our copywriter's will write and produce content under your direction which will include important hyperlinks both within the website and to other sites of authority.


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Have you recently heard the term organic search marketing or natural and organic search ranking or even SEO and wondered what they meant, and what the mean to your website?  How important is achieving the #1 Google ranking for the term such as "NY #1 Google Organic Ranking Company"? What’s the difference between organic search marketing, also known as natural search ranking, and standard search marketing services?  Organic search marketing stands for the ranking your website receives in the search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search sites that is not part of a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign.  While the revenue derived from pay per click advertising and pay per click (PPC), banner advertising may also be an important part of many web businesses, your organic search result ranking is can be even more important, especially when you take into consideration ROI (Return on investment). 


Similar to standard search marketing, organic search marketing can greatly improve the visibility of your web presence at the top of the Search Sites especially as #1 on Google.  Websites will profit from top organic ranking, if you have an Online storefront or you are running one or more ecommerce web sites the importance of your organic or natural search ranking cannot be overestimated. GetMeOnTop may recommend a combination of pay per click (PPC) position and natural search. These rankings will drive more traffic to your website, that is, if and only if you have an effective Internet marketing strategy, such as one implemented by the professional SEO Help  team at GetMeOnTop.

Internet Marketing and SEO Ranking Strategies to obtain top ranking be #1 on Google, #1 Yahoo and #1 Bing

GetMeOnTop is #1 Google NY Company Establishing a website and getting off the ground, whether it is an e-commerce web site or and Online store front takes an incredible amount of skill and time and effort. Many websites fail to thrive on the Internet because they don’t understand the art of Internet marketing and the importance of being #1 on Google.  It’s a shame that so many websites, websites fully capable of having money generating capabilities, fail.  In truth, without an effective Internet marketing strategy and a strong SEO campaign a website is destined to be unsuccessful.


GetMeOnTop understands what is involved in getting a website to #1 on Google staying noticed, while maintaining your website on the Top of the Search results.  The only way a website can thrive is if it continues to receive traffic via high Search Ranking and being on top of Google. Our company will provide the SEO Help help you get the web traffic you seek, to help you get your website established and to keep your website earning top ranking via high natural and organic search ranking that deliver more and more (quality) web traffic to your website. 


GetMeOnTop is ranked amongst the the best  search marketing firms. With locations on Wall Street in Manhattan NYC and Long Island New York's The Hamptons. Our highly trained staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of Internet marketing and proving just the right amount of SEO Help to get you on top.  We can help with affiliate marketing programs, business development, ecommerce web sites and their maintenance, Google, Yahoo and other Search advertising and marketing, effective SEO - Search optimization, keyword pay per click research, pay per click management and PPC search marketing, web design, web development and web hosting. 


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